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TMHL SCHEDULE 2000-2001 Season

Last Updated: April 2

                        2000-2001 TMHL SCHEDULE                                                         1999-2000 Final Standings
  WEEK       1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8                    T1   QUE       D1   BOS
STARTING: Oct 9     Oct 16    Oct 23    Oct 30    Nov 6     Nov 13    Nov 20    Nov 27                  T2   NYR       D2   MON
NHL Games   41        45        46        48        42        46        48        48                    T3   PIT       D3   OTA
   Lee   QUE  WDB  QUE  PIT  QUE  NYR  QUE  BEA  QUE  TML  QUE  HAM  QUE  OTA  QUE  MON                 T4   BEA       D4   HAM
  Conf   NYR  BEA  TML  BEA  PIT  BEA  WDB  PIT  NYR  PIT  NYR  PIC  NYR  HAM  NYR  OTA                 T5   TML       D5   PIC
         PIT  TML  WDB  NYR  TML  WDB  NYR  TML  BEA  WDB  PIT  BC   PIT  PIC  PIT  HAM                 T6   WDB       D6   BC
         MON  HAM  PIC  HAM  OTA  HAM  BC   OTA  MON  OTA  TML  MON  TML  BOS  TML  BC                  M1   PHI       L1   NYI
         OTA  PIC  BC   MON  PIC  BC   MON  PIC  HAM  BC   WDB  OTA  WDB  MON  WDB  BOS                 M2   LAS       L2   EDM
                                                                                                        M3   FLO       L3   POR
   Low   NYI  KIN  NYI  POR  NYI  EDM  NYI  ARZ  NYI  ANT  NYI  LOU  NYI  FLO  NYI  LAS                 M4   LOU       L4   ARZ
  Conf   EDM  ARZ  ANT  ARZ  POR  ARZ  KIN  POR  EDM  POR  EDM  ETO  EDM  LOU  EDM  FLO                 M5   ETO       L5   ANT
         POR  ANT  KIN  EDM  ANT  KIN  EDM  ANT  ARZ  KIN  POR  NB   POR  ETO  POR  LOU                 M6   NB        L6   KIN
         PHI  NB   PHI  FLO  PHI  LAS  PHI  LOU  PHI  ETO  ARZ  PHI  ARZ  NB   ARZ  ETO                 Florida formerly San Francisco
         LAS  LOU  ETO  LOU  FLO  LOU  NB   FLO  LAS  FLO  ANT  LAS  ANT  PHI  ANT  NB                  Kingston formerly Tampa Bay
         FLO  ETO  NB   LAS  ETO  NB   LAS  ETO  LOU  NB   KIN  FLO  KIN  LAS  KIN  PHI       For: Week 13             For: Week 15
                                                                                              T1   BEA  D1   MON       T1   BEA  D1   MON
  WEEK       9        10        11        12        13        14        15        16          T2   QUE  D2   BOS       T2   QUE  D2   BOS
STARTING: Dec 4     Dec 11    Dec 18    Dec 25    Jan 1     Jan 8     Jan 15    Jan 22        T3   NYR  D3   BC        T3   TML  D3   OTA
NHL Games   46        42        44        47        47        46        50        47          T4   TML  D4   HAM       T4   WDB  D4   HAM
   Lee   QUE  BOS  QUE  BC   QUE  PIC  QUE  WDB  MON  PHI  QUE  PIT  MON  ANT  QUE  NYR       T5   PIT  D5   OTA       T5   NYR  D5   BC
  Conf   NYR  MON  NYR  BOS  NYR  BC   NYR  BEA  BOS  LAS  TML  BEA  BOS  NYI  PIT  BEA       T6   WDB  D6   PIC       T6   PIT  D6   PIC
         PIT  OTA  PIT  MON  PIT  BOS  PIT  TML  BC   FLO  WDB  NYR  OTA  EDM  TML  WDB       M1   PHI  L1   ANT       M1   PHI  L1   NYI
         BEA  HAM  BEA  OTA  BEA  MON  BOS  BC   HAM  ETO  BOS  OTA  HAM  KIN  BOS  MON       M2   LAS  L2   NYI       M2   LAS  L2   ANT
         TML  PIC  TML  HAM  TML  OTA  MON  HAM  OTA  NB   PIC  HAM  BC   POR  OTA  HAM       M3   FLO  L3   KIN       M3   FLO  L3   KIN
         WDB  BC   WDB  PIC  WDB  HAM  OTA  PIC  PIC  LOU  BC   MON  PIC  ARZ  PIC  BC        M4   ETO  L4   EDM       M4   ETO  L4   EDM
                                                                                              M5   NB   L5   ARZ       M5   NB   L5   ARZ
   Low   NYI  PHI  NYI  NB   NYI  ETO  NYI  KIN  BEA  ANT  NYI  POR  BEA  LAS  NYI  EDM       M6   LOU  L6   POR       M6   LOU  L6   POR
         POR  FLO  POR  LAS  POR  PHI  POR  ANT  NYR  KIN  KIN  EDM  TML  ETO  ANT  KIN       For: Week 17             For: Week 19
         ARZ  LOU  ARZ  FLO  ARZ  LAS  PHI  NB   TML  EDM  PHI  FLO  WDB  FLO  PHI  LAS       T1   BEA  D1   MON       T1   BEA  D1   MON
         ANT  ETO  ANT  LOU  ANT  FLO  LAS  LOU  PIT  ARZ  ETO  LOU  NYR  LOU  FLO  LOU       T2   QUE  D2   BOS       T2   QUE  D2   BOS
         KIN  NB   KIN  ETO  KIN  LOU  FLO  ETO  WDB  POR  NB   LAS  PIT  NB   ETO  NB        T3   NYR  D3   OTA       T3   TML  D3   OTA
                                                                                              T4   PIT  D4   BC        T4   NYR  D4   PIC
  WEEK      17*,**    18        19        20        21     Playoff 1 Playoff 2 Playoff 3      T5   TML  D5   PIC       T5   PIT  D5   BC
STARTING: Feb 5     Feb 12    Feb 19    Feb 26    Mar 5     Mar 12    Mar 19    Mar 26        T6   WDB  D6   HAM       T6   WDB  D6   HAM
NHL Games   46        47        51        50        49        46        48        49          M1   PHI  L1   NYI       M1   PHI  L1   NYI
   Lee   MON  FLO  QUE  BEA  MON  NYI  QUE  TML  BOS  OTA  BOS  BC   BOS  PIC  OTA  PIC       M2   FLO  L2   ANT       M2   LAS  L2   ANT
  Conf   BOS  PHI  WDB  PIT  BOS  ANT  NYR  PIT  PIC  MON  QUE  TML  QUE  OTA                 M3   LAS  L3   EDM       M3   FLO  L3   KIN
         OTA  ETO  NYR  TML  OTA  KIN  BEA  WDB  BC   HAM  BEA  PIC                           M4   ETO  L4   KIN       M4   ETO  L4   EDM
         BC   LAS  BOS  HAM  PIC  EDM  BOS  PIC  QUE  BEA  MON  OTA                           M5   LOU  L5   ARZ       M5   LOU  L5   ARZ
         PIC  NB   BC   OTA  BC   ARZ  MON  OTA  TML  NYR                                     M6   NB   L6   POR       M6   NB   L6   POR
                                                                                              For: Week 21             For: Playoffs - Round 1
   Low   BEA  ANT  NYI  ARZ  BEA  PHI  NYI  ANT  LAS  PHI  NYI  FLO  NYI  KIN  ANT  KIN       T1   QUE  D1   BOS       Lee1 BOS  Low1 NYI
  Conf   QUE  NYI  KIN  POR  QUE  LAS  EDM  POR  FLO  ETO  LAS  ARZ  LAS  ANT                 T2   BEA  D2   OTA       Lee2 QUE  Low2 LAS
         NYR  KIN  EDM  ANT  TML  FLO  ARZ  KIN  NB   LOU  ANT  PHI            Playoff 4      T3   TML  D3   PIC       Lee3 BEA  Low3 ANT
         PIT  EDM  PHI  LOU  NYR  ETO  PHI  ETO  NYI  ANT  KIN  EDM             Apr 2         T4   NYR  D4   MON       Lee4 MON  Low4 KIN
         TML  POR  NB   FLO  PIT  LOU  LAS  FLO  KIN  EDM                         53          T5   WDB  D5   BC        Lee5 OTA  Low5 EDM
         WDB  ARZ  LAS  ETO  WDB  NB   LOU  NB   ARZ  POR                      OTA  ANT       T6   PIT  D6   HAM       Lee6 PIC  Low6 PHI
                                                                                              M1   LAS  L1   NYI       Lee7 TML  Low7 ARZ
   Lee   TATONE DIVISION                              DIIORIO DIVISION                        M2   PHI  L2   ANT       Lee8 BC   Low8 FLO
  Conf   Code      Team                Owner          Code      Team                Owner     M3   FLO  L3   KIN
         BEA  Montreal Beavers         MASSIMO        BC   BC Strikers              LEON      M4   ETO  L4   EDM
         NYR  New York Rangers         NICK           BOS  Boston Bruins            HOWIE     M5   NB   L5   ARZ
         PIT  Pittsburgh Panthers      MARIO          HAM  Hamilton Steelheads      STEPHEN   M6   LOU  L6   POR
         QUE  Quebec Nordiques         CARL           MON  Montreal Canadien        PAUL
         TML  Toronto Maple Leafs      IRSHAAD        OTA  Ottawa Senators          COSIMO
         WDB  Woodbine Racers          WALLY          PIC  Pickering Power Plant    TOM       For: Playoffs - Round 2  For: Playoffs - Round 3
                                                                                              Lee11BOS  Low11NYI       Lee21OTA  Low21ANT
   Low   MANGOS DIVISION                              LIM DIVISION                            Lee12QUE  Low12LAS       Lee22PIC  Low22KIN
  Conf   Code      Team                Owner          Code      Team                Owner     Lee13OTA  Low13ANT
         ETO  Etobicoke Eagles         NICK           ANT  San Antonio Crusaders    COSIMO    Lee14PIC  Low14KIN
         FLO  Florida Everblades       PAUL           ARZ  Arizona Blades           STEPHEN
         LAS  Las Vegas Oddsmakers     TOM            EDM  Edmonton Devils          WALLY     For: Playoffs - Round 4
         LOU  Louisiana Rebels         HOWIE          KIN  Kingston Cobras          MARIO     Lee31OTA  Low31ANT
         NB   North Bay Centennials    CARL           NYI  New York Islanders       MASSIMO
         PHI  Philadelphia Flyers      LEON           POR  Portland Winter Hawks    IRSHAAD

Schedule Breakdown:
Within Division - Weeks 1-5, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
Within Conference (other Division) - Weeks 6-11
Other Conference Rivals -  Weeks 13, 15, 17, 19. Match-ups based on standings 2 weeks prior.
Division Rival -  Week 21. Match-ups based on Week 20 standings
Note for "rival" weeks: Teams are identified based on their division ranking
  e.g. "T5" means the team in 5th place in the Tatone Division

The NHL season starts Wednesday October 4th.
* Trading Deadline is 1/2hr before first NHL game played in Game 17 (currently Tues Feb 6th 6:30pm)
** Week of the All-Star Break (Jan 29 - Feb 4) is not included in our schedule (32 NHL Games)
Points from NHL games played Oct 4 - Oct 8 (26 NHL games) and week of All-Star Break
will still count towards team totals, and so valid rosters must still be maintained those weeks.
The Victoria Cup champion is to be declared on Tuesday, April 10th.